Jacque Allen found her way to the imaginal world of dreaming through life’s natural unfolding and has been actively engaged with the Dreamtime for over fifteen years. She was led by many mentors along her dreaming path, and ultimately became a Certified Practitioner through a year-long intensive Dream Centered Living course. Upon completion of her studies, Jacque Dreaming was founded in 2016. Jacque works with private clients, has monthly dream groups, holds pop-up events and recently began facilitating workshops. She believes the divinity we seek is within and encourages all of us to align with this divine frequency and trust what we’re being given; moment by moment, day by day, dream by dream. This beautiful work engenders trust, receptivity and presence. Jacque fosters each dreamer’s potential to be the beauty, be the love, be the light and reflect the pure energetic essence of its source back into the world. She attended Antioch University with a focus on liberal arts and social justice and lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband, daughter, dog and the occasional peacock.