Are Dreams Deceptive?

March 9, 2018


Q:        Do dreams always tell the truth? I know they speak in metaphor, but can dreams be deceptive or just plain wrong?


A:        Dreams never lie, ever. They are the most direct medium toward truth that humans have access to. We humans have masterfully developed the art of self-deception—without judgment, look at our current president—he makes it easy for us to observe deceit, but our work is to get quietly curious about how we too are willful participants of self-deception.


Dreams are direct, honest and robust. They have their own sense of morality, which is far different than our waking-world morality. The dreamtime will never lie, ever. Our task is to trust where it’s leading us even if we have far different ideas of what we think is best for ourselves. We may either surrender to the dream willingly, or we will be taken there by what appear to be circumstances beyond our control. Soul will have out. Learning to trust the dream is learning to trust yourself. Friends and family will lead us astray with their competing agendas and secret imperialistic desires of what they think is best for us. We will lead ourselves astray with will-forces that don’t want to move toward the difficulty of the dream. But, ultimately, soul will have out. The dreamer may not like where he is being led, but with enough trust and devotion to the dreamtime, along with a gentle serving of grace, the dreamtime, the dreamer and the dream become inseparable. Oftentimes it’s easy to discard difficult dreams as “just dreams” or experience some relief upon waking up (“phew, I’m glad that was only a dream”). Rather than having an imagination that the dream is being deceptive, we are challenged with recognizing that we are the carriers of self-deceptiveness and the dream merely helps us see that. We are the skeptics and deceivers, but the dreamtime will, over and over, every night, make up new and unusual scenarios to try and get our attention so that we can notice this and become co-creators of something new, unknown and real. The dreamtime is devoted to loving us forward. As James Hillman astutely reminds us, “stick with the image that is twisted, distorted, unnatural and in pain,” for it will undoubtedly lead us closer and closer to the truth of our being. And truth lives right on the precipice of love. What the world needs now …



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