At Jacque Dreaming, clients receive dream processing in a therapeutic way. We provide a safe, contained environment to explore, discover, tend and hold the psychological realities of one’s daily life. Private and group settings available.


The benefits are:


  • Reduced anxiety

  • Insight and clarity for probing life dilemmas 

  • Practical help with sleep paralysis and night terrors

  • Help with relationships

  • Understanding and working with emotions that arise

  • Gaining self-awareness and personal empowerment

  • Creating an overall sense of well-being

  • Engendering trust 

  • Inspiring creative thinking

James Hillman reminds us that for dream images to work in life, they must, like a mystery, be experienced as fully real. Interpretation arises when we have lost touch with the images.
This work stays present to dream images while listening to their language and tracking their activity. We aim to meet the dreams intelligence with our own in the not-already-known and coming-into-being realm of the dreamtime.

"This place is a dream, only a sleeper considers it real" ~ Rumi